Artist Alessandro Pessoli

Alessandro Pessoli

Cervia, 1963. Based in Los Angeles

Alessandro Pessoli blends the foundations more classically linked to tradition with a contemporary impulse, formulating a hallucinatory world in which the past is continually reinterpreted and corrupted. He resurrects a historical and familiar imagery and mixes it with personal visions and associations.
Sometimes cynical, sincere, or perverse, his constructions depict restless and exaggerated characters who bring out a range of emotions. Like the dreamlike atmospheres they inhabit, the fragmentary figures seem wrapped in a fog of memory, only partially coming into focus.
Alessandro Pessoli's painting is rich in memories of the history of art: many of his images seem to be the result of a sedimentation. There are echoes of Metaphysics and the Return to Order, there is the iconography of everyday and popular Catholicism and there is Matisse, we find the solitary and threatening beings of Thomas Schutte, Surrealism and Picabia, up to the melancholy of Kai Althoff and by Lukas Duwenhögger.