Artist Alice Cattaneo

Alice Cattaneo

Milano, 1976. Based in Milano

Alice Cattaneo studied at the Glasgow School of Art and the San Francisco Art Institute. After a stay in the USA she returns to Milan, where she lives and works today. With a respectable exhibition and museum history, despite the apparent proximity to aspects of the constructivist and lyrical abstractionism of the historical avant-gardes, its metal, paper and wood constructions arise from an internal rhythmic and musical need that the has led to the development of complex and fascinating "useless architectures", sometimes ephemeral due to the fragility of the materials.
Her work consists in the creation of installations and videos in which, from the combination of simple elements such as cardboard, adhesive tape, pieces of wood and fabric, twisted and cumbersome sculptures are born, but at the same time graceful and delicate. The elements are composed in such a way as to give life to precarious and unstable architectures, almost suspended in the void. As a direct response to the environment, these "improvised structures" emerge from the walls, floor and ceiling as if to suggest an organic opportunity: a kind of growth within the available space. All composed in an unstable balance as if to stop a moment of poetic purity in the flow of the world and of things.