Artist Andrea Luzi

Andrea Luzi

Ancona, 1997. Based between Milano and Filottrano (AN)

Access to abstractly dystopian scenarios is indicated through a vertigo-like perspective. Vertigo in the visual sense, or rather the bewilderment of the gaze in the multiplication of details on the surface, arranged in sprouting concretions, organic simulacra and old cybernetics on a collision course in the cosmos. Vertigo also in the demand for an imaginative trend, in hypothesizing the consequences and drifts of the anthropocentric landscape, renouncing stable coordinates and morphologies, buried under a halo of desolating fog, or encountering other panoramas that, by chromatic and iconographic choice, are its schizophrenic, psychedelic, hallucinated counterpart. The narrative of decadence is exacerbated by the material and precious use of color; thus, on the backgrounds of mists and swamps, new primitive idols already reassemble their own cults and lavish architecture with the wreckage of the past.