Artist Andrea Mastrovito

Andrea Mastrovito

Bergamo, 1978. Lives and works between Bergamo and New York

Andrea Mastrovito's research is based on an inevitable return of everything, in recent years it has developed along several paths, from video-installations to performances, from drawing to sculpture, remaining however distinguished by an immediately recognizable sign – even outside of the art world. Andrea Mastrovito's artistic journey unfolds through the reinvention of the spaces of painting and its supports, whether they are the simple canvas or the entire exhibition space. Here painting is no longer understood as a chromatic covering of a surface, it is no longer the act of painting but becomes a supporting, constructive part of the work, often disappearing behind the simple gesture of cutting out the paper (which replaces the brushstroke) and re-emerging in the totality of the installation and environmental work which tends to encompass the viewer in a continuous alternation of solids and voids, be they diaphanous or glowing. His work is always characterized by a plastic research on the sign, on the alphabet of art and on the life cycle. Andrea Mastrovito has exhibited in major national museums (Museo del Novecento in Milan, Maxxi in Rome, Pecci in Prato) and has numerous personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad.