Artist Andrea Salvino

Andrea Salvino

Roma, 1969. Based in Berlin

Salvino's artistic research is closely connected to history and draws inspiration from the political, social and cinematographic iconography of the Italian and European 20th century up to the present day. His work can be understood as an unofficial history page written in images through anecdotes and details taken from figurative documents. The subjects that Salvino brings to life in the drawn papers and painted canvases are historical frames identified among photographs, old postcards, books, films or prints and selected as particularly significant iconographic motifs capable of describing the era from which they derive and the culture of reference . Political events, war, pronography, eroticism, costume and cinema follow one another in Salvino's drawings as if they were fragments of a past reality capable of providing and returning to the observer a "piece" of identity. In fact Salvino, without presuming to take political or ideological positions, reveals with his works the importance and power of images as elements that induce us to remember, to evoke a historical fact or something else. And finally, to recognize a world of belonging that goes beyond any taboo. The subjects are treated by the artist with almost obsessive familiarity, through a fast and marked stroke capable of transmitting vigor and nourishing the imagination of the observer.