Artist Anna Gramaccia

Anna Gramaccia

Perugia, 1980. Based in Berlin

Anna Gramaccia was born in Perugia in 1980, she studied in Florence and then she moved to Berlin, where she currently lives and works.
In her artistic research, she is interested in the possibility of using "essential materials" especially those related to the drawing, forcing the surface of the image to take an "apparent consistency" to create three-dimensional and fragile objects .
Anna Garamaccia indeed works around the idea of surface and process of its transformation.
In her works, she shapes the paper as a fabric, she engraves and carves it; in this way, she gives the surfaces an unexpected materiality, shape and sensuality.
The surfaces have a dense textures, they seem to be soft and cozy elements, as if they were clothes or tapestries, or textile pattern.
The result are works that have almost a "mimetic behavior" as a sort of "camouflage", a "comfort zone" in which to take refuge, and in which the artist tries to mediate between the impulse to show and to hide, between observing and being observed.