Artist Cosimo Rizzuto

Cosimo Rizzuto

Palermo, 1937-2019

Cosimo Rizzuto's great research crosses a path throughout his life and is grafted into his world in which his memories and his experience are rooted.
Collecting has been the act to which he has dedicated himself since he was a boy, with maturity he approaches the languages and the world of cinema, where he comes into contact with making, observes the actions, sees the shots and assimilates the montages. On the one hand this, and on the other the memory that day after day has filled up with frenetic collections: magazines, magazines, comics, playbills, postcards, posters, placards and films, which have become the daily food to feed the hunger for images of him.
In his works, in his collages, everything that has been incessantly collected and accumulated is released. Cosimo Rizzuto remembers, selects, designs, cuts and pastes, and alchemically gives new life to these shreds of memory that become timeless icons.