Artist Cristiano Menchini

Cristiano Menchini

Viareggio, 1986. Lives and works between Pietrasanta and Venezia

Cristiano Menchini's research arises from the physical comparison with the landscape, from direct contact and from the almost scientific study of vegetable microcosms. Moving in the gap between reality and fiction, Cristiano re-proposes symbolic universes, metaphors of a perceived world, dynamic surfaces independent of reality, not so much to reproduce a simple game of resemblances as to evoke other timeless spaces, that somewhere perhaps exist or have existed. The interest lies in the processes invisible to us that determine the development of the plant world, the organic and morphological part of nature that changes according to the climate, the wind and the light. Some of his works evoke calibrated plant ecosystems, others primitive scenarios made in real scale, still others, finally, through the repetition of a single plant element in the space of the canvas, direct the discourse towards formal abstraction.