Artist Daniela De Lorenzo

Daniela De Lorenzo

Firenze, 1959. Based in Firenze

Daniela De Lorenzo has developed a research that places itself on the margins of sculpture, oriented towards territories in which the contribution of different disciplines such as photography, video and performance, generates tangencies and overlapping languages. After the plastic and spatial investigation that marks the beginning of his artistic career, during the 90s with the lightening of the starting sculptural materials and the opening to photography, the work takes on a more temporal connotation, the one most suited to expressing the sense of a metamorphosis of form. In De Lorenzo's research, the body constitutes a field of observation and action, so the languages of photography and video also end up taking on a performative value: the image is the result not so much of a construction of the gaze, as of a concrete work of spacing, doubling, overlapping, metamorphoses; all attempts to introduce the dimension of duration into the photographic snapshot, transforming the latter into a paradoxical imprint of the possible.