Artist Danilo Stojanovic

Danilo Stojanovic

Pola, Croazia, 1989. Based in Venezia

Danilo Stojanović adopts a pictorial poetics full of dichotomies that has its roots in artistic currents with antagonistic values, translating them into images that possess an original identity, authentic and harmonious.
The painter, Istrian by birth but Venetian by adoption, encloses in his canvases (generally small or medium-sized) an atmosphere, often rendered through a cold palette, which is perceived as fluid and changeable, within which the objects represented appear incorporated and fluctuating. The declared influence of Italian Metaphysics, with its mysterious and enigmatic settings, is applied to scenarios which, however, completely lose the geometric perspective: the perspective rigour, in fact, becomes superfluous within a dimension where the spatial composition is entirely based on positioning and the relationship between the extraordinary entities that the populate.