Artist Davide Serpetti

Davide Serpetti

L'Aquila, 1990. Lives and works between Milano and L'Aquila

His artistic research is based on three elements among which his works oscillate in different levels of intensity: the hero, the sculpture and the beast. Each work is like a tale where the hero defeats the beast to achieve his personal success. For Carl G. Jung, freedom is achieved only with the understanding that defeating the shadow is useless without using it. In most of his paintings these three elements exist as chimeras, understood either as something composed of different parts, or even perceived as wildly imaginative, implausible, or dazzling images. For the artist the importance of image sharing platforms plays an important role in his search for him, as he works to describe the contrast between unique physical forms that seem to be devalued in modern society and mass shared images that manage to shape the dominant beauty.