Artist Dorotea Tocco

Dorotea Tocco

Cagliari, 1997. Lives and works between Cagliari and Milano

Dorotea Tocco's works find form through the aberrant with a thought that deviates from common morality. Her subjects are mainly women investigating their own femininity; no longer presented as an object of vision (view) of painting, they obtain a different enunciation. Of these inappropriate bodies we note a will for profound self-determination with respect to the
preconceptions that guide society and the masses, in an attempt to conquer their own dimension, between kinky practices, dirt and excesses. The domestic environment becomes a theatrical setting that stages the cruelty of bodies that are free from any canonization. Environments where gender, individuality and compliant roles are razed to the ground in an attempt to lay the foundations for a new hybrid identity. Autonomous, disobedient, rebellious bodies, against all norms
social and aesthetic.