Artist Emilio Gola

Emilio Gola

Milano, 1994. Based in Milano

In a sleepy and frivolous atmosphere, at the center of each painting capitulate a few disengaged youths, distracted or too concentrated in their divertissements, in a mysterious and timeless moment, in no specific place, leaving it to the painting itself to define them. Drawing from life is the paradigm of each painting, which begins by trying to capture all the freedom granted to the models while posing, their carefree adolescent lightness. By making the others play, with only the intrusion of the eye drawing on the canvas, the scene is free to come to life, amidst the precious contrasts of play and boredom, in hugs and spontaneous gesticulations. The paintings suggest the struggle between self-definition and dematerialization of everyday reality: a relationship between figures with themselves or between figures with objects, understood as tools of the search for identity, especially the teenage one. A tale of a simple and chaotic world, which reappears in the image of the upside-down bedroom of the eternal child.