Artist Francesco Surdi

Francesco Surdi

Partinico, 1986. Lives and works between Alcamo and Palermo

Francesco Surdi attended the Academies of Fine Arts of San Martino Delle Scale (ABADIR) and Palermo, where in 2010 he obtained a II level diploma in Painting. Over the years he has collaborated with numerous independent spaces and has taken part in various exhibitions in public and private spaces. In 2016 he was among the finalists of the Cairo Award and the FAM Award. He currently lives and works in Alcamo, where he collaborates as an artist and independent curator with the Landescape platform.
The search for him crosses the drawing, sculpture and printing of unique pieces with laser printers corrupted by massive use. In the latter case, the printer rollers caress the sheet with dilated typing errors and dysfunctional backgrounds. The depressed and disorganized matter of the sculptural groups is revealed through a process of mimesis of the surfaces, of the skin, of the connective tissue of organisms and sediments of the known world. Paraffin, clay, marble and polychrome plasters are tested by immersions and excavations, high temperatures, atmospheric agents, erosion and glazes. The drawings support the same research on surfaces eroded and cracked by a repeated coding and representation error. They are ephemeral, transparent rocky subjects, or probable shadows.