Artist Giovanni Copelli

Giovanni Copelli

Correggio, 1989. Lives and works in Reggio Emilia

Giovanni Copelli creates paintings and sculptures starting from a complex vocabulary of "fascinating images" of different origins, in an attempt to map the paths that connect them and establish their meanings. In his works, themes and characters deriving from myth and archeology, from artistic tradition and popular culture are recognizable. Copelli is interested in the recurrence of themes and motifs that have found expression in different places and eras, and uses his research to reconstruct a collective cultural identity, bringing together different materials according to a criterion of similarity and free association.
He holds a master's degree in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths University, London in 2015. He has collaborated on curatorial and collective projects including Viva l'Italia, Museo Archeologico, Bologna (2017). In 2011 he was one of the founders of the independent INTERNO4 space in Bologna and in 2015 of the Preliminary Group organization.