Artist Hale Tenger

Hale Tenger

Smirne, Turkey, 1960. Based in Istanbul

Primarily known for her large scale installations based on an elaborate combination of unconventional use of materials, audio, and video, Hale Tenger boasts a wide production inspired by diverse historical, political and psychosocial references.
Her artworks stage power relations, and face up to profound topics related to the activity of government in society, to political suppression, immigration, femininity, cultural identity, analyzing the dynamics of power and the tensions between State and individual, in a constant and nuanced criticism of the difficult social condition of her country pressed by an increasingly authoritarian power.
Presence and experience are key elements in her installations, whether they create meditative atmospheres or surprising and destabilizing ones.
States of power and violence, oppression and aspects of repression, of both society and self, are questioned throughout her works, that always operate with the qualities of mood, sound, texture and effect.
By observing her works, the deepest strings of the audience are inevitably touched, oscillating between one visualized situation and another sensed one, between what can be seen and what can be heard, and felt. Audio is integrated into most of her works in various forms, as exclusive music, as narration or as an arrangement of archival recordings.