Artist Jacopo Casadei

Jacopo Casadei

Cesena, 1982. Based in Cesena

Jacopo Casadei transfers the eternal tension between abstract and figurative to canvas. Evanescent presences and colors are the representation of a continuous evolution of emotional states. The work is condensed by creating focal points from which a courtly and at the same time rapid imaginary unravels, far from any formal archetype. Free flows focus attention on different descriptive modalities; the brush creates tonal sedimentations or thin handwritings to contain the evolution of the image.
The search for him starts from a study of the sign, focusing on its communicative value. The stroke constitutes the compositional system and the color gives strength to the structure and highlights its forms: it is a grammar of ''seeing'' articulated on layers, work passages where the drawing does not serve as a mere study but is an integral part of the 'Opera.
Casadei develops an approach to painting similar to that of musical writing, where each element and each pause are in a constant bond, perceptible only when the work is finished.