Artist Jimmy Milani

Jimmy Milani

Savigliano, 1995. Lives and works between San Miniato, Toscana and Milano

Graduated in Visual Arts and Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, he has worked for institutions, private galleries and has participated in various residences; he has exhibited on the national territory since 2015.
Jimmy Milani's work is characterized by a continuous collision with the problems of planning, where rationality and sentiment collide in a constant oscillation between an objective planning hypothesis and an intuitive feeling. In dialogue with the history of art, the artist tries to get away from that nostalgic feeling that apparently seems to pervade in painting, thus going into contrast and at the same time meeting the nature of the pictorial medium. Moving away from the mere idea of contemplation, the artist searches for an intersection between specific meaning and the analysis of surfaces, of depths and colors, resulting in a tempered distortion of the real, spatial or dreamlike thought.
Narratives and iconic subjects try to blend together on a surface made up of curves, angles and edges without nuances. In the works presented here, the paintings are inserted \ set inside shaped black "forex" panels; the message and the themes change from piece to piece, just like the different songs of a music album or the different chapters of a collection of stories, but the reading method is similar for each work since the glue, in addition to the working method, is the artist himself, his way of elaborating an image, the colors he uses, his interests and his personal contrasts.