Artist Maria Morganti

Maria Morganti

Milano, 1965. Based in Venezia

Maria Morganti's work puts the experience of color at the center of her own making. Color understood as matter, as a trace of existence. Her pictorial process takes place with precise systematics within a space that is often placed in a strong relationship with other realities and other places. At the center of her research are themes such as time, the diary, sedimentation, the persistence of the pictorial gesture, painting in space. In her work it is the existential experience, time, which leaves traces of its passage through the color material.
The form is the result of following her practice, the process is more important than the form. The paintings are the consequence of the sedimentation of layers of color that he spreads on the canvases every day. Visually they take on the image of almost monochrome paintings with a small multicolored stripe in the upper part, evidence of the various passages. The continuity of the painting is the feeling with which she faces her gesture. As if spreading matter on a surface, settling it down, were nothing other than adding an act to acts of others that have already been done or are being done. For several years, in her journey, the relationship with the outside has also become central, understood as a space outside the intimate one of the studio and as sharing with others. She considers attending artists' studios as part of her training and the relationship with artists as a fundamental part of her practice.