Artist Martina Pozzobon

Martina Pozzobon

Treviso, 1998. Based in Bologna

Her work is developed through drawing and painting. Of drawing she is interested in developing all the sign potentialities proper to this technique. The scenes she draws are the product of her imagination, the subjects are the most diverse and come from observation of people, dreams, cinema and art history. She creates surreal and tragicomic scenes with an interest in the body, the unconscious and the grotesque.
She uses a practice peculiar to children to talk about complex issues, trying to show the absurdity of life and the facets that exist in the path connecting good and evil. Much of her research is based on reading authors such as Samuel Beckett, Franz Kafka and Edgar Allan Poe. She works following an inner need, to express what she feels, and the practice allows her to know the deepest and most hidden parts of herself.