Artist Massimo Stenta

Massimo Stenta

Trieste, 1991. Based in Edinburgh

For Massimo Stenta the question of painting is placed on a physical plane, made up of osmotic passages between the canvas and the material. The intention is to study different methods for applying color to various fabrics, trying to accommodate the properties of the support used. Hardly paints on thin cotton, on polyester and on the spongy surface of towels. In some cases, the barely transparent lattice of the synthetic fiber lets the light frequencies filter through, making visible a texture similar to that of the pixels on a screen. In others the matter becomes more present and plastic, showing folds, wrinkles similar to scratches or scars. Free canvases hung on the wall with large shiny nails and small towels with awkward shapes are juxtaposed so as to generate bodily tension. These fabrics modulate the color, letting it vibrate and exploiting the sweet seduction of precariousness.