Artist Matteo Fato

Matteo Fato

Pescara, 1979. Based in Pescara

Matteo Fato's work, structured for years around the power and value of the sign, with a legacy heaped from the oriental calligraphic tradition, becomes more complicated and articulated with a progressive expansion of languages and dimensions. Fragility, error, fall and failure as a dazzling creative condition. But also as a place of self-awareness.
His research focuses on the analysis of the understanding between image and pure sign, in the moment before these become recognizable language. A representative "balance" in which language is tamed and disciplined so that it finds rest on the edge of reality. Until a few years ago, his research had developed mainly through the use of drawing, painting, engraving and video animation. In the latest projects developed, Fato has had the opportunity to deal with materials previously considered only simple supports or structures, which now tend to become language, finding expression in site-specific planning.