Artist Mattia Sinigaglia

Mattia Sinigaglia

Castiglione delle Stiviere, 1989. Lives and works between Venezia and Milano

Mattia Sinigaglia works with painting and drawing. He paints on paper and canvas, using velvet, wax, wood, ceramics. His work stems from a deep interest in the history of art and the symbolism underlying magic, esoteric practices, but also fascination of scientific knowledge. His practice is characterized by the alternation between figure and aniconic geometric detail; he reasons on the relationship between form and figure, on the changing dominant role they can play within the artwork. In his paintings, the artist often creates a tension between the image and the space in which it is located, a space that is not always well defined, without a unique perspective; the idea is to give the viewer an atmosphere where the figuration sometimes is clear, other times is disintegrated into a metaphysical space.