Artist Maurizio Bongiovanni

Maurizio Bongiovanni

Tettnang, Germany, 1979. Based in Milano and London

Through painting Maurizio Bongiovanni tries to explore eroticism in the consumer society. Each painting by him represents for the artist an erotic desire for possession, which immediately vanishes once realized. An ephemeral satisfaction like an orgasm. Just like consumer goods that ignite the desire to possess, and then reignite against a new product, and so on indefinitely. Elements dear to his pictorial practice are: sex, love and eroticism. The theme of sex allows him to create paintings focused on the animal sphere, of which the human being has a great presence. Instead, through love, he investigates this feeling in relation to contemporary culture as a difficult undertaking, while the theme of eroticism is developed as an end in itself proclamation. Bongiovanni likes to think of a fragmented painting as a hyper-text full of links and references, where every single detail is a ticket for a journey.
He has participated in several art residencies and has won three scholarships at the Vermont Studio Center in America, La Napoule Art Foundation Clews Center for the Arts in France and the Foundation Valparaiso in Spain. In 2012 he obtained the Italian GAI Award - Association for the Young Italian Artists Circuit and participated in workshops with Doug Ashford, Mario Airò, Liliana Moro, Felix Gmelin. His works have been selected by Moca London director Michael Petry and included in his book "Nature Morte: Contemporary Still Life Artists Reinvigorate the Tradition".