Artist Maxim Brandt

Maxim Brandt

Kertsch, Ucraina, 1986. Based in Berlin

Maxim Brandt's painting will take you into a sort of parallel universe in which the dream and the contradictory intersect with the unconscious and the fantastic, moving on the border of fiction that transports the viewer into an imaginary and fairytale world full of inconsistencies. Inspired by Dadaist and Surrealist collages, but also from the world of Russian fairy tales and illustrations from children's books, Maxim Brandt uses computer-generated photographic compositions as a model for his painting: for each new painting he examines his photographic archive in search of single usable elements, which he puts together in a new montage, comparable to a "mise-en-scène" in the theater, to the production of a director, or to the activity of a poet in writing his verses. In the transfer onto the canvas, the montage undergoes a renewed change, during which the artist explores the painting itself, in its infinite possibilities and conditions.