Artist Paolo Chiasera

Paolo Chiasera

Bologna, 1978. Based in Berlin

Paolo Chiasera's works are built around a complex system of references ranging from cinema to literature, music, art history, up to events of a political nature. His works focus our attention around the cardinal themes of history, group dynamics and loss of control: concepts developed through the staging and analysis of collective myths, i.e. historical symbols and icons that have had or still have a crucial role in society and whose vicissitudes - often degenerated into omnipotent delirium, fanaticism and even madness - transcend the specific case and can be taken as a paradigm of the reality in which we live and its obsessions. The techniques used are many: painting, video, installation and performance – in which it is often the artist himself who takes on the role of the protagonist of the work. The works often have an intense narrative structure and are populated by characters with well-known names: modern icons, such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, but also legendary figures such as Vincent Van Gogh, Cornelius Escher and Pietr Brueghel.