Artist Pesce Khete

Pesce Khete

Roma, 1980. Based in Roma

Perhaps with the sole constant use of paper, over the years Pesce Khete has wandered with determination between the angles given by the medium of painting. On closer inspection, perhaps it would be more appropriate to broaden the horizon and speak more generally of drawing, the artist's effective field of action. Figures, abstractions, mass-produced landscapes, experiments on liquid oils and materials were nothing more than pretexts for probing their limits. Indeed, the paper allowed him to leave each time without a preconceived idea or format and, with the use of scotch tape, to a first piece of painted paper one could always add another consequently, in a necessary construction of the support , in full action and reasoning.
Rational control, instinctivity, trust, censorship, solids and voids, with the constant that every trait that stands out from the neutral color of the paper is the result of a conflict and an exam passed, or at least dodged.