Artist Pietro Roccasalva

Pietro Roccasalva

Modica, 1970. Based in Milano

Pietro Roccasalva is among the most interesting Italian artists on the international scene. His works release a mysterious charm, which arises from the combination of formal research and erudition, beauty and enigma. At the center of his work is painting, its history and its conditions of existence in our current cultural landscape made up of reproducibility, consumption and media ideology. In this sense, the artist conducts his investigation into painting touching on key figures such as the simulacrum and fiction, systems of truth (from philosophy to religion to art itself), the continuity of tradition and linguistic transgression. Roccasalva is a world crossed by multiple references both to ancient philosophy and to popular traditions and technological and digital culture, where the eccentric marries the banal, and the macabre meets the farce.
Recursive and citationist, at the same time unpredictable and original, Pietro Roccasalva, in the recurrence of his subjects - recognizable but always transformed - increases their charm, making them intriguing, mysterious and holders of an enigma entirely internal to the forms of art.
What fascinates is the right balance between a masterful technical skill and an evident citation referring above all to the history of art, both the Italian currents of the 1900s and, on a technical level, many other masters who punctuate the figurative evolution of the previous centuries , and in this going back in time, Roccasalva can also add the citationist forms addressed to himself.