Artist Renata Boero

Renata Boero

Genova, 1936. Based in Milano

Renata Boero was one of the most significant artists of the sixties and seventies. Some of the best Italian critics have written about her - from Filiberto Menna to Achille Bonito Oliva, from Paolo Fossati to Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco - while the many important exhibition occasions (one above all the double solo show with Vito Acconci in Antwerp, in 1978) celebrated its intensity and originality.
For Boero, painting is the art of color, but also writing, literary inspiration, alchemical procedure, spell of dust and secret mixtures. Manual skills and meditation. A long process that makes each work the umpteenth piece of a story. The intention? Trying to transcribe, canvas after canvas, mark after mark, fold after fold, the changing timbres and the exact mechanics of creation. In a single extended score, to be made to resonate together with places and spiritual movements.