Artist Roberto de Pinto

Roberto de Pinto

Molfetta, 1996. Based in Milano

Meteorological reasons which, in addition to the obvious geographical ones, push each character present in the paintings to take off his tank top, to stay in a bathing suit, to discover his own skin which, naked, is exposed to the sun's rays.
The skin burns and is colored with clayey earth and coal: the same red and black of the gods and heroes who crowded and decorated the ancient vases.
Breasts that the sun paints and decorates by projecting shadows. Bodies that "naked" show rough and sprinkled skin
of hair, sweaty, porous, calloused and simple: sensitive to (with) touch.
"Imperfections" that in everyday reality would create repulsion and disgust, on the canvas they have the possibility
to manifest themselves and be appreciated as aesthetic qualities.
The painting of these paintings is entrusted to encaustic which constitutes a fundamental part of the work. The wax, mixing with pigments, clays and charcoal, creates a patina that borders on the surface of a frescoed wall refined by time.