Artist Silvia Capuzzo

Silvia Capuzzo

Merano, 1996. Lives and works between Pesaro and Urbino

Silvia Capuzzo took her first steps at the artistic high school in Bolzano and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino where she found the ideal dimension to weave the texture of her artistic experiences; she is among the winners of the Lissone Prize for painting in 2021.
At the center of her experiments are the everyday and the conventional, and her paintings, but also the sculptures and the installations, are a sort of mapping of what surrounds her. The artist observes and investigates reality, enhances the detail, focuses on what often goes unnoticed and which is often forgotten; she investigates matter in its intrinsic qualities to the point of grasping its essence, identifying with it, describing it, and her art becomes a moving participation in life. Human bodies, animals, objects, everything enlarges and deforms, acquires a superhuman, hallucinatory and alienating connotation; playful and grotesque aspects are combined in a painting that enters the heart of the object, in a work that is always stretched between abstraction and figuration.