Artist Valerio Nicolai

Valerio Nicolai

Gorizia, 1988. Based in Venezia

Valerio Nicolai uses painting as a starting point to create complex installations full of meaning. Although his preferred medium is painting and he defines himself as a painter, his works are not confined only to the limits of the canvas, but expand onto objects, furniture and architecture, often evolving into installations and sculptures, creating unusual and alienating situations that envelop and question the viewer. Valerio Nicolai's work stimulates us to break this habit and invites us to a different perception of the work: to go around it, to look inside, behind and beyond; ultimately suggests that we update our models and our "maps", as we would with an app installed on our smartphone. If we lend ourselves to his method of disassembling and reassembling the image, adding, removing, exchanging parts - in a bricolage action of the gaze and of thought - we will be able to generate new mental models, in continuity with the previous ones, but more dynamic and rich and often more effective in dealing with the changing reality.