Exhibition Linda Carrara  In fondo al pozzo

Linda Carrara

In fondo al pozzo

Fri 11 Sep 2020
Fri 06 Nov 2020

The Gallery will remain closed until July 22

"in fondo al pozzo", a solo show of Linda Carrara, with a text by Antonio Catelani.

The work of Linda Carrara (Bergamo, 1984) stems from a reflection on the conceptual and mimetic dynamics of painting, whose representative purposes are questioned in favor of a released practice capable of freely creating realities and worlds based on new visual relationships .
In particular, in her work the subject and the compositional structure, central to figurative practice, have the function of a pretext, of an opportunity to build an imaginative and suspended reality.

In the text accompanying the exhibition Catelani writes: “Linda Carrara's painting, differently abstract, is marked by lyricism; the artist reformulates and lightly acts, between the background and the figures, on the constitutive relationships of the painted image. The artist arranges on the "table" a collection of sometimes minute object-forms, apparently inactive or useless, and instead as needful as the single words of a speech. A residual figurative imaginary, but also veritable germinations: natural, vegetal and mineral elements, animated or inanimate, taken from reality and still pulsating transplanted into the fertile soil of the pictorial surface, in that hortus conclusus that is the canvas. An inventory of objects, experienced in their magical essence of epiphanic forms, which transmigrate on the canvas and seem to float on it.