Exhibition Daniele Franzella  MITOLOGEMA

Daniele Franzella


Sat 15 Apr 2023
Sat 24 Jun 2023

The Gallery will remain closed until July 22

In MITOLOGEMA Daniele Franzella carries out a profound analysis of the meaning of the image in our time. An analysis that is shown in works that draw from different languages and semantics, realizing themselves through different mediums and materials. The works seem to be captured from a historical perspective, to then discard it by fragmenting the timeline and proposing other lateral and contradictory perspectives. Daniele Franzella's two-dimensional and plastic images are all figures and symbols that dissipate or implode, and that lose their ability to affirm something certain. In each symbol/figure Franzella stages his relationships, his conjunctures, his connections and his aberrations, the almost uncontrollable polysemy of the symbol, whose mutable external figure is associated with a constellation of possible contents. The artist seems to dig into the meaning of the symbol and the figure as if following an "etymological suggestion" that brings us back to the symbol as a practice of juxtaposition and union of elements belonging to different fields - symbol from the Greek σύμβολον: “juxtaposition”, derived from συμβάλλω, “to put together, to match” - and to the figure, - from the Latin "pretend, shape" - in the sense of an image which in its being ficta contains the idea of movement and fixity. Franzella's symbols/figures are thus to be interpreted as mythologems, as an abstract and restless material that intermittently manifests itself in contradictory objects and surfaces, constantly shaped and transferred in the fallacious attempt to bring back its original meaning.