Exhibition Giuseppe Adamo  Something

Giuseppe Adamo


Thu 17 Nov 2016
Sat 17 Dec 2016

The Gallery will remain closed until July 22

Something, solo show of Giuseppe Adamo curated by Helga Marsala.
It is the first solo exhibition for Giuseppe Adamo in the spaces of the Rizzuto Gallery. A step that comes after more than a year of cooperation, including fairs and outdoor projects. A moment of reflection around his most recent work, the result of a patient experimentation on the surface, on the processes of abstraction and the nature of image, but also the presentation of some new ideas, in the perennial formal research on painting itself.
On display a series of paintings on canvas of different sizes, in which a personal dynamic is defined between dissolution and research of shape, depth and surface, close look and a bird's eye observation, landscape and detail.
A series of layers, thresholds, passages, veils lead to the definition of abstract images that however let glimpse a hint of shapes and objects, or just fragments with organic look. Thus the painting gives itself by means of scratches, transparencies,engravings, cracks,emerged residues or submerged signs, always undefined and changeable.
From the text of the Curator: "Something, title taken from a track on the Coil album "Musick to Play in the Dark", has in itself all the vagueness, the indeterminacy, the radical openness of these images that appear on the precipice and continue to change, chasing the shape, but fatally losing it. In the aerial loop of the song, punctuated by gusts of wind, crackling, humming, sidereal sounds, the word "something" is repeated endlessly, evoking a kind of ancestral germination. Brute matter, between apocalypse and new creation. Just like in the harmonic and patient structures of Adamo - here cavernous and shadowy, there resolved into homogeneous luminescence - always about to implode or to regenerate themselves into new textures. A changing painting, germinal, which has to do with the origin (of things, writing, signs, image itself) and with its ineffable nature. Something that gives itself, and that denies itself. Something that is fulfilled and dissolves over again."