Artist Anna Capolupo

Anna Capolupo

Lamezia Terme, 1983. Based in Firenze

Graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, in 2014 she was a finalist for the Terna Prize, in 2015 the Wired magazine included her in the list of the 20 most promising young people in Italy and in 2016 she was the winner of the Combat Prize, Graphics section; she has participated in solo and group exhibitions on the national territory and she is one of the winners of the Nocivelli Award in the Painting section in 2020.
Anna Capolupo's artistic research revolves around the life of everyday things, duly organized in the wake of the pictorial tradition, such as still life, with a visual and conceptual orientation that renews a genre encoded by the history of art and offers new interpretations of own domestic reality. Her still lifes are characterized by the presence of a platform, a table on which childhood games, plants, vases, classical finds and objects of common use rest; a level of symbolic value that elevates the ordinary and the prosaic to an extraordinary and enigmatic dimension, as if we were facing a theatrical scene. To instill this dreamlike atmosphere is the color, its rampant expressive force, often unnatural; it is the outline of the elements devoted to the unfinished and to blend in with the surrounding scene; it is the singular juxtaposition of certain things as if they had found themselves more for fun than for a practical reason. The table top, almost imperceptible, frames and naturally exposes the artist's inner world, divided between dream and reality. Two reading registers that synthesize in the pictorial tangle of still life.