Exhibition Group show  Salon Palermo

Group show

Salon Palermo

Sat 10 Jul 2021
Sat 18 Sep 2021

From Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to 7pm

SALON PALERMO, a group show focused on the formal aspects of the new painting. The exhibition, with a critical text by Antonio Grulli, presents the works of 10 Italian artists:

Sabrina Annaloro (Sicilia - Palermo, 1989; lives and works in Palermo), Mattia Barbieri (Lombardia - Brescia, 1985; lives and works between Milano and New York), Enne Boi (Lombardia - Cantù, 1989; lives and works between Gent-Belgium and Bologna), Anna Capolupo (Calabria - Lamezia Terme,1983; lives and works in Firenze), Silvia Capuzzo (Alto Adige - Merano, 1996; lives and works between Pesaro and Urbino), Cosimo Casoni (Toscana - Firenze, 1990; lives and works between Firenze and Milano), Gabriele Ermini (Toscana - Firenze, 1996; lives and works between Firenze and Bologna), Alessandro Giannì (Lazio - Roma, 1989; lives and works in Roma), Jimmy Milani (Piemonte - Savigliano, 1995; lives and works between San Miniato in Toscana and Milano), Mattia Sinigaglia (Lombardia - Castiglione delle Stiviere 1989; lives and works in Venezia).

The "Salons" - organized in Paris throughout the 1800s - were periodic academic exhibitions that offered artists the opportunity to present their works to the public, promoting their success and career.
The format of the Salon - which sounds so dusty, so nineteenth-century and the bringer of injustice towards the new and experimentation - could perhaps also be appropriate for our days.

Antonio Grulli writes in the critical text for the exhibition: "By resorting to the exhibition mode of the Salon, the work of art is brought back to the center of the exhibition. In a Salon each work lives of its own independence and solitude, as an autonomous and complete universe in its own right; and you can simply select works that are deemed to be of quality. All this could make even more sense today, at a time when any type of art, any type of style, any type of thematic is possible; a truth also applicable to painting, the protagonist of our exhibition ".