Exhibition Francesca Polizzi  In Antis

Francesca Polizzi

In Antis

Sat 22 Feb 2020
Sat 28 Mar 2020

From Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to 7pm

"In Antis", first personal exhibition of Francesca Polizzi, with a text by Alessandro Pinto.
The artist shows a series of large-format sculptural installations composed only by two materials: wool and steel. For the realization of these works, Francesca Polizzi takes care of the raw material starting from the shearing, subjecting it to a process that seems to have the purpose of controlling and at the same time maintaining the restlessness of the wool, or its animal component.
Shearing, washing, carding, color selection and felting are all phases with which the artist impresses her own action on the material. Polizzi shapes and generates an organic fabric by loading it with different layers of physical and intellectual memory.
The artworks enact a simultaneous and continuous transfer between the organic of the material and the inorganic of the constituted form, and, by analogy, each form creates external references to the work itself.

Francesca Polizzi (Palermo, 1988) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, mainly uses raw wool as a material for processing and translating memory, a material-skin that welcomes signs, shapes, slags, imprinting processes, in a path which makes them images with rigorous formal definition, to finally give themselves as relics of a deep sensorial dimension.