Exhibition Jàchym Fleig  RISE

Jàchym Fleig


Thu 31 Mar 2016
Sat 30 Apr 2016

The Gallery will remain closed until July 22

RISE - personal exhibition of German sculptor Jáchym Fleig (1970, Villingen-Schwenningen).
The artist, who has already realized numerous exhibitions in galleries and public spaces and is back from two important solo at the Museum Biedermann in Donaueschingen (2015) and the Kiosk am Reileck in Halle (2016), is preparing for his first exhibition in Italy.

In Fleig's works the traditional concept of sculpture is extended into what can be deliberately linked to its respective environment.
The integration between sculpture and environment gives to the work the character of a temporary installation, that - subjected to external conditions - undergo constant change.

Fleig's sculptures develop as organic structures in a state of proliferation and growth, invading the space that houses them: support structures, pillars, walls, floors, windows, ceilings, become for the Artist potential points of anchorage of his installations, that, in some cases, are clinging to the outside of buildings of exhibition spaces and museums - as parasitic bodies or organogenic concretions - capable of interrupting, sometimes eerily, the normality of the known places, of the urban spaces safe and defined.

Made of cement, concrete, plaster, wood and polyurethane, the artworks of Fleig - although consisting of very similar materials to those of the hosting environments - appear lightweight and full of life; these common building materials, used in an unconventional way, result in amazing shapes that evoke a strong emotional response, and create a striking contrast with the architectural element, in a kind of confrontation and competition between lightweight and heavy, organic and inorganic, biomorphic and anthropic.

But what emerges from the conceptual sculpture of Fleig is also a reflection on the fine line that exists between growth and decay, between order and chaos, between the safety of what is known and the uncertainty of unknown, where the permanence appears threatened by the circulation of the ephemeral states .